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The Thin Monster House

From modern to ancient times, these poems call forth the cycles of the natural world and human life on planet Earth. With unexpected turns, Sue Parman applies the unimagined to the ordinary, taking the reader deep into primal elements and outward into the universe. A thoroughly luscious read!”

–Marie Buckley, President Emeritus of the Oregon Poetry Association

Keenly observant, intelligent, and filled with moments of beauty, The Thin Monster House tastes of nature, life and loss. I felt as if I was on a journey with a poet taking me to new, unexpected places. Sue Parman's poetry is edgy, sharp and acute.”

-Sandra Giedeman, past president of the Orange County chapter of PEN, Pushcart Prize nominee, and winner of the Mudfish Poetry Prize

“Sue Parman's unforgettable collection The Thin Monster House reaches into recesses and representations of the world to explore the imaginary, the immanent, and the possible. Every poem carries surprise of detail and observation and opens into transcendence. Parman offers a universe of connection through master work in forms. Her hallmark is unusual and precise diction that reveals the profundity of relationship--human, geographical, linguistic.”

-Sandra Ellston, Professor of English at Eastern Oregon University and founder of the Northwest Poets' Concord

“I could not put down Sue Parman’s manuscript until I had read it from beginning to end twice, and then I had to go back and pick out some favorites. In each poem her knowledge of form and style is evident. Her descriptive technique frequently causes objects to morph into other meanings which becomes a unique use of metaphor. A richness of well chosen words creates a flow of surprising interior as well as end-line rhyme. There is a great deal of depth hidden within these poems and it takes a careful reader to plumb them. The final poem MAP says it all: ‘Beware, for there be monsters here.’”

-Judith Massee, widely published in poetry anthologies, poetry editor for Writers Northwest Quarterly, and board member of the Oregon Writers Colony