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Montaigne's Tower

Thoughts on Creativity and Play

I play to rearrange the furniture of my mind. My latest efforts to stir the pot: juxtapose art and words in "Daily Quote." 


While wandering through Umberto Eco's book on Ugliness I came across his reference to the "Hisperic Aesthetic."  How did I never hear about this before?  It explains so much—from James Joyce to British linguistic snobbery.  And how ironic:  "Hisperic" (medieval Latin variety of Hespericus, western/Latin or urbane, also possible wordplay on Hibernia and Hesperides from which we get Hebrides) implies opposites of central and outlier, center and margin.  The Book of Kells:  word play and visual play.  To be Celtic, nonclassical and irregularly knotted.  Leave the Romans to their sunlit symmetry.  English was born in a swamp.  Metaphors be with you.



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